Set to remove EGR system BMW 11717785452, 11714701242, 11717785789, 11717785794, 11712248717, 11712354070, 11717804378

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Diffuser to be installed instead of the valve EGR BMW.
Plugs for disabling the EGR (AGR) system BMW.
Fitted instead of the valve catalog number OEM BMW – 11717785452, 11714701242, 11717785789, 11717785794, 11712248717, 11712354070 or 11717804378


Some theory about the swirl flaps for BMW diesel.

On the BMW diesel engines M47 and M57, for the sake of reducing harmful emissions, installed with the intake manifold flaps “vortex channel” motors with such collectors were issued until 2010.
While the new car, these dampers are working properly and not bring trouble to the owner of the car.
However, with the aging of the car they wear out.
As a result, first, there is backlash in the damper axis, because of that the charging is leaking air and oil.
The engine starts to “sweat” oil, in the most severe cases, the oil simply drains all but down the creek.
Then, as the progression of wear, stop valves open and close properly and in some point of the wedge in the closed state.
The result is a reduction in engine power by about 10%, but it is not so scary.
There is a risk of breakage (breakup) of these dampers and their penetration into the engine cylinders.
Hundreds of examples of such breaks can be found on the Internet.
Engine instantly incapacitated and in need of major repair with replacement of pistons, valves, etc.

We fabricated aluminum caps, which are installed in place of the swirl flaps, eliminating the problems described above.

Some theory about the system EGR.
Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) is to reduce the exhaust gas of nitrogen oxides by returning part of exhaust gases into the intake manifold.
Return of exhaust gases to the intake manifold reduces the amount of oxygen in the fuel-air mixture and thereby reduce the formation of nitrogen oxides. However, this causes a drop in engine output.
Removing the EGR system results in an increased level of NOx, hydrocarbon separation however, emissions of particulates (soot), carbon monoxide and carbon emissions are significantly reduced. Furthermore, removal of EGR leads to an increase in fuel economy.
Exhaust gas re-fed back into the cylinders in the engine adds causes wear pollutants (soot and tar) and is rapidly oxidized motor oil, which affects the engine life.

Probably many have seen how much “dirt” on the valves of the system can be EGR.

Remove the heat exchanger and thermostat EGR.

Install the plug.

We suppress the exhaust channel in the exhaust manifold.

Instead of the heat exchanger put the cork.

We produce diffusers in strict accordance with the structure of the original valve EGR (AGR).
Including the gradual changes in the internal diameter.
Some manufacturers do not consider this as a result when mounted on the engine, there is a projection which creates unwanted turbulence of the air flow.

After removal of the physical system is also desirable to disable the software.

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