Repair kit for valve cover N20 BMW 11127588412

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Repair kit for valve cover N20 BMW 11127588412
new diaphragm and cup for crankcase ventilation.
producer sells only cover entirely.
we produce membrane and cup separately!

replacement is very easy, you need to remove the valve cover by prying it with a screwdriver.
remove the old and install the new membrane.
close the cover.

savings of more than $350

Kit valve crankcase ventilation for BMW N20 engine (valve is integrated into the engine cover).
The original number of the valve cover BMW N20 11127588412.

Over time, the diaphragm valve of ventilation of crankcase gases, built-in valve cover BMW’s N20 engine – breaking, and starts suction unaccounted air flow meter.
Motor starts unstable idling, increasing oil consumption, as there is a whistle from under the valve cap when the engine and possible failures during acceleration.

Dealer BMW sells only the valve cover assembly, we produce and sell kit for BMW valve cover N20, it includes a new membrane and the membrane lid itself.

Repair kit for valve n20
Despite the known quality motors BMW n20 still have their “Achilles ‘ heel”. On the valve cover is PCV n20.
Over time of its membrane tends to wear: dries and ruptures.
The situation is dangerous because as a result of a breach in the engine starts to do the air is not considered a flow sensor. Inside is the dust, which greatly reduces the life of the mechanisms and different parts.
The motor is unstable: starts and works correctly.
This is particularly noticeable at idle. The amount of fuel consumed increases.
One of the typical signs of failure – the characteristic sound near the oil separator. In this case the necessary repairs.
The main difficulty here is that the manufacturer is forcing car owners to buy a new valve cover n20. BMW does not release sets for appropriate repairs. However, there is an alternative. Instead of having to completely change the valve cover n20, it is much easier and more economical to put the new kit, which includes a membrane and a cap.
To find a suitable repair kit you can have. It will allow you to fix kwkh 11127588412. We independently produce this kit.
Replacement of the diaphragm valve H20 is not particularly difficult. First, remove the old cap. Usually when removing it breaks down, for this reason, in the present emergency.
Then remove the worn diaphragm is replaced by healthy. It is important not to forget about the original install of the spring.
At the first start after repair may experience instability. Need a little time to restore the functioning of the valve n20.
All incoming air starts to count. The ECU is setup according to the new values of the oxygen sensors and changed the fuel maps.
The engine is required to work for some time. Then turn it off and start again. If done correctly, the system will exit to normal operating mode.

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