Shipping Methods strives to ship orders within one business day of receiving the order. Shipping times may vary depending on the contents of your order. will only ship an order once it is 100% in stock. does not ship partial orders unless requested by the customer, at which time additional shipping charges may apply. does not guarantee ship dates as delivery times are subject to change.
Shipping times may vary per location, customs control, etc.

A sending orders is carried out by international mail or ems all over the world.
If you want to receive your order faster than the standard shipment, you can choose shipping by ems.

All shipping times are based on our Monday through Friday business hours. Orders will not be shipped from our facility on Saturday or Sunday.

When the money is received from the sending bank or financial institution, your order will be processed.

We may contact you if additional information is needed to process the order.

There is a payment discrepancy on your order that may have been caused due to an order revision or payment problem.
The Billing Department will contact you to resolve the issue. Once payment is confirmed your order will be processed by the warehouse and shipped.