Single Vanos Seals and Rattle Repair Kit (6-cyl)

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Single Vanos BMW
BMW 6-cylinder engines M50TU, M52, US S50, S52, 1992-1999 3-series E36 93-97, 5-series E34 93-95 / E39 96-98, 7-series E38 95-98, Z3 Roadster 2.8 E36 96-98, EU Z3 Coupe 2.8 E36 96-98, US M3 E36 94-99, US Z3 M E36 98-99

Repair kit VANOS of the m52, s52, s50, m50tu (single VANOS) 11361748819 (11361748036)
Sometimes owners BMW may notice a knock at the front cover of the engine, increasing fuel consumption, breach of thrust, heavy start, and other signs malfunction of the VANOS. In engines M50TU, M52, and S50, S52 Single VANOS is used (single, first generation). The system was established in 1992 and has made a real revolution. To help solve the difficulties it will help our kit vanos m50 (m52).

The main sources of failure
One of the reasons of failure — damage to the rubber material (BUNA). It is made of the reference o-ring in the piston. Elasticity is lost due to the influence of high temperatures and harmful environments. In the end leaking, there are gaps and distribution shafts, you need the high oil pressure. It is achieved by increasing the revs. The older VANOS, the increasing number required. In the end, the system simply stops working.
Another reason is the wear washers and needle bearings. That is why there is a backlash and characteristic knock.
And common cause is mechanical binding (DME fault code 212 — VANOS). Usually it is caused by a breakage of the cable to the valve, Burr on the camshaft etc.
It is recommended not to delay the repair, since the malfunction can lead to undesirable consequences:
the emergence of a backlash;
violation of the angle of closing (opening) of the valve;
instability (progresses);
Bay candles;
detonation etc.

System repair
Despite the great functionality and simplicity, the VANOS system is not durable. Signs of wear usually appear after 50 thousand kilometers. The difficulty lies in the fact that BMW does not manufacture kits. Therefore, it remains to buy the entire unit as a whole. Full VANOS replacement costs about $700, not including the cost of the work.
However, there is another way. You can buy a repair kit m52 vanos (m50). We produce sets, not inferior in quality to the original nodes. Moreover, the products are made from materials that outperform those that BMW uses.

For the production of kit m52 VANOS (m50) we chose:
bearing steel.

In the end, our remkomplekty the VANOS M50 (M52) extend the life of the system several times. The repair cost is immeasurably lower than BMW offers.

kit includes:
– Teflon and vitanovo ring
– ring of bearing steel
– 2 sealing washer oil pipe

Recollect the M52 VANOS (M50) will return the system lost quality: superior performance, economy, smoothness etc. the Problem is eliminated simply and inexpensively.

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