11127555212 valve cover N46N, N46K, N46T BMW repair kit

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Repair kit for cover N46N, N46K, N46T BMW part # 11127555212
new diaphragm and new plastic cap valve for crankcase ventilation.
producer sells only cover entirely.
we produce membrane separately!

replacement is very easy, you need to remove the valve cover by prying it with a screwdriver.
remove the old and install the new membrane.
close the cover.

savings of more than $350

PCV n46n – Kit
BMW car owners are often faced with the malfunction of the valve of ventilation of crankcase gases n46.
The first thing that catches the eye in case of breakage of the vent valve n46 – suspicious working of the engine, other sounds – such as whistling.
The reason for these troubles to become usually the rupture of the membrane. The consequences for the engine can be very disastrous if not addressed the damage. When you open the lid, you can see what happened with the vent valve crankcase BMW n46, it is possible to detect damage in the form of cracks and rupture of the membrane.
The most common and known method of repair is to replace the valve cover entirely, because the manufacturer BMW, most likely for commercial gain, nothing else can offer. Valve cover is worth unimaginable money, and not all fans of cars of this brand have the desire to spend money on a new lid due to problems with kwkh BMW E90 n46.
But we found a cheap and easy way to fix it. Our company produces and sells the kit n46n PCV of excellent quality, they are made of durable and proven materials, which includes the membrane and cap membrane. We observe the guarantee. Put a new kit (to replace the membrane and cap) is absolutely not difficult. This can be done without sending the car to the car service, where will satisfy any whim for your money and will make a replacement breather valve n46.
We need only remove the old membrane cap, get torn membrane, and supply a new return kit. The fault PCV n46 removed and the replacement valve cover is not necessary. The engine starts with a new force. Agree, not a bad way out and the issue price is more than pleasant.

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