Single Vanos Seals, Rattle Repair Kit + Nut (6-cyl)

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Single Vanos 11361748819 (11361748036) for engines: M50TU, S50, M52, S52.
A few facts about the single Vanos

System M50 VANOS is characterized by smoothness, increased torque. It is able to adjust the basic characteristics of rotation of the control shaft relatively this optimizes power at all rpm range. However, the dynamic parameters are improved and the consumption of fuel and materials and the toxicity of emissions reduced. It is worth noting that the M50 VANOS system adjusts the correct location of the camshafts and valves, both the intake and exhaust. When warming up the car all the elements of the system are translated in a special mode, under the responsibility of the unit of electronic engine control. Node initially introduced at BMW in 1992.

Symptoms and causes of faults

The symptoms of the malfunctions are noises in the engine and high fuel consumption. You should pay attention to the uneven traction during acceleration and floating idle. In the cold season to start the car will not immediately. Causes of problems with system vanos m50 great many, for example, the fact that the sealing piston rings are not perfect and not resistant to the influence of temperature and environment. BMW M50 VANOS, which is faulty, leading to leaks of internal mechanisms and assemblies. This requires increased pressure of engine oil, which is achieved by increasing the number of revolutions. It is worth noting that the older is the engine M50 VANOS, the higher the revs, the oil pressure may not be enough to rotate the shafts, in this case, the system will turn off completely. Another problem is that worn bearings are needle type, causing backlash and noise when the engine was running.
Occasionally received unexpected error from DME 212 — VANOS, which implies it is the sudden seizing and torque reduction. This kind of faults are accompanied by various noises in the running gear.

The solution to the problem

Motor VANOS M50 can be reanimated with the help of quality repair kits that implements our company. Company BMW only sells the whole Assembly, that is quite an expensive pleasure. Features of our kits is much better than the original, thanks to which several times increases the service life of the Executive node.
The kit VANOS No3+ single VANOS BMW included:
– Teflon ring
– Vitanova ring
– ring of bearing steel
– sealing washer oil pipe 2 PCs.
– nut inlaid bearing

Cars: E34, E36, E39, E38, Z3 prior to 1998.

Single Vanos BMW
BMW 6-cylinder engines M50TU, M52, US S50, S52, 1992-1999 3-series E36 93-97, 5-series E34 93-95 / E39 96-98, 7-series E38 95-98, Z3 Roadster 2.8 E36 96-98, EU Z3 Coupe 2.8 E36 96-98, US M3 E36 94-99, US Z3 M E36 98-99


For BMW engines M50TU, M52, US S50, S52
(OEM 11361748819, 11361748818, 11311748818)

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