Membrane for valve cover VAG 06F103469D 2.0 FSI

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Diaphragm membrane valve cover VAG 06F103469D.
Engine VAG 2.0 FSI
pcv ccv pvc
manufacturer produces only cover assembly.
we make the membrane separately!
easy and quick replacement! do not need to go the service center!
your savings is more than $ 300 (the cost of our membrane, compared to the price of a new cover and work to replace).

remove the cover by prying with a screwdriver (or knife) to remove the old and install the new membrane, close the cover!

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Eos 2006-2008
Golf Plus 2005-2009
Golf/R32/GTI/Rabbit 2006-2009
Golf/Variant/4Motion 2004-2009
Jetta/syncro 2006-2011
Passat 2006-2011
Passat/4Motion/Santana 2006-2011
Touran 2003-2008

Octavia 2004-2008

Audi A3 Sportback 2005-2008
Audi A3/S3/Sportback/qu. 2004-2008
Audi A4/Avant 2001-2005
Audi A4/S4/Avant quattro 2001-2005

Membrane valve cover 06F103469D
The reasons which lead many car owners VW Passat to replace valve cover is that the car becomes hard to start, sometimes only the third or fourth time and sometimes troit. We heard whistling in the area of the oil separator. Buying a new valve cover is not entirely cheap. And indeed the replacement of the service station is not small money.
And to blame a small detail called membrane Passat B6, which is built into the valve cover. From time it dries out and breaks, rubber is cracked and torn through the membrane of the Passat the engine is unrecorded sensor mass flow air or dust may get, which leads to increased wear of parts and mechanisms. Membrane passat it is possible to replace it yourself, it should not be too difficult. To membrane Passat B6 it is possible to get and check its condition. To do this, take a flathead screwdriver and carefully remove the decorative cover, under it installed membrane (note the spring that is located inside the valve, it is important not to lose). Then install replace the damaged membrane new Passat, check it to stand up straight.
Start the engine and let it run for a while. Immediately after replacing the diaphragm, the engine can not operate stably, the reason for this air leak that was previously. In accordance with the readings of the oxygen sensors, reconfigured the fuel maps of the ECU, which recorded higher content of oxygen. After replacing the operability of the valve will be restored and the air suction will not. The ECU will eventually adjust the fuel maps.
Turn the ignition off and start again. The engine will run normally.
So I ask why spend money on a replacement valve cover as a whole, it is quite enough to replace the membrane passat, and the problem will be solved. The auto manufacturers don’t sell it separately. We produce and sell such a membrane. This membrane is also suitable for the car mentioned above. Good luck on the road!

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