Filter housing DSG 7 of aluminum VAG 0BH325159

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Aluminum filter housing DSG 7 VAG 0BH325159

The main reason for failure of the robotic box DSG is overheating.

The designers of the car also note the problem, which in the more recent DSG gearbox on the oil filter housing to wear steel corrugated aluminum, in order to improve heat dissipation.
For the manufacturer, it is a cheap and easy solution.
Корпус фильтра DSG-7 DQ500 0BH325159Корпус фильтра DSG-7 DQ500 0BH325159

But really the best solution is to install a fully aluminum body.

Coefficient of heat dissipation aluminum case above, thanks to the aluminum alloy and the ribs on the body.
Improved heat dissipation from the box, thus reducing its operating temperature by 6-8 degrees.
Also aluminum housing reliable native plastic (which need to be changed at every oil change).

The aluminum housing is used to extend the life of the gearbox DSG.

For robotic DSG boxes with wet clutches, the group VAG have two options cases:
6-DSG DQ250, cat.num factory building — 02E305045;
7-DSG DQ500, cat.num factory building — 0BH325159;

Replacement instructions:

Gearbox oil filter located on top of the gearbox, to change it, ELSA prescribes the removal of the air filter and battery.

1) Slightly loosen when the oil filter housing, to merge the excess oil into the crankcase.
2) Remove the cover completely remove the filter element.
3) Insert the new filter element (preferably wet with oil automatic transmission that has not left level), spin a new aluminum oil filter housing 20-25Nm.
4) Set back the air filter and battery.

Aluminum filter housing DSG-6 DQ250 VAG 02E305045
Aluminum filter housing DSG-6 DQ250 VAG 02E305045
Aluminum filter housing DSG-6 DQ250 VAG 02E305045
Aluminum filter housing DSG-6 DQ250 VAG 02E305045
Aluminum filter housing DSG-6 DQ250 VAG 02E305045


Compatible cars for VAG 0BH325159 (before buying, make sure that that your vehicle is fitted with CAT DSG-7 DQ500)

A3/S3/Sportb./Lim./qu 2013 – 2015
Q3 2012 – 2015
R8 2013 – 2015
RS3 Sportback 2011 – 2013
RSQ3 2014 – 2015
TTRS Coupe/Roadster 2010 – 2014

Campmob.(Typ2/Transp./LT) 2010 – 2015
Golf/Variant/4Motion 2013 – 2015
Tiguan 2008 – 2015
Transporter 2010 – 2015

Aluminum body filter dsg 7
Often with aggressive driving robotic gearbox dsg 7 teaches its owners a nasty surprise.
Under high temperatures, transmission overheats and ceases to function correctly, and sometimes the need of a full repair.
For many motorists, it’s really a shock, not immediately become clear the reason of failure and the cost of repairs.
The temperature rise in the box inevitable on our roads with daily traffic jams, or with a sharp increase in speed on overtaking.
This applies not only to the failure of the box. In such transmission installed oil filter, dsg 7, the body of which is made of plastic.
Manufacturer Volkswagen certainly know the problems of high temperature, so in later models of car body dsg 7 began to wear corrugation of aluminum to somehow lower the temperature.
However, this is not the best out of the situation.
The factory plastic filter housing dq500 (number 0bh325159) eventually becomes unusable and cannot withstand high temperatures (plastic leads and starts to leak oil).
Every second is faced with the fact that when changing the oil and filter have to change DSG DSG plastic housing.
It turns out that it’s not as scary as it might seem at first glance.
After analyzing the situation, our specialists offer a truly reliable way to reduce the operating temperature in the box and increase the service life of the box.
We produce dsg-7 enclosure of durable material – aluminum.
The beneficial properties of this case is that it has great conductivity.
Aluminum filter housing dsg 7 and additional edges that allow to reduce the temperature by approximately 6-8 degrees, this has a positive effect on the working box in General.
Also aluminum body will eliminate the cases leaking oil from the filter case-mix that occur as a result of damage to the hull.
Unlike the factory plastic housing – aluminum on which it is proposed to replace, more reliable and durable.
Before buying you must ensure that Your vehicle is equipped with DSG-7 DQ500.

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