Diaphragm separator VAG 06H103495AC

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Diaphragm valve for crankcase ventilation VAG 06H103495 (06H103495E, 06H103495A, 06H103495B, 06H103495E, 06H103495J)

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we make the membrane separately!

Membrane engine 1.8 TSI / 2.0 TSI TFSI

Over time, the membrane crankcase ventilation valve and drying tears.
Through the torn membrane into the engine gets unaccounted mass air flow sensor.
As a result, the engine can be difficult to start, unstable work (especially at idle) can be misfiring, as the engine can get the dust, which enhances the wear of parts and mechanisms.
If the whistle is heard in the area of ​​finding oil separator, then the membrane is torn.


The manufacturer sells only separator assembly.

We produce and sell this membrane separately.



Replacement instructions:
Remove the cover membrane, set to replace a torn membrane new.
Assembly in reverse order.

During the first run, after replacing the diaphragm, the engine can not work steadily
(This is due to the fact that when the membrane was torn fuel cards to reconfigure the computer, in accordance with the lambda probe, which recorded high oxygen content).
After replacing the valve membrane restores, and eliminated unaccounted suction air control unit needs some time to adjust fuel cards.
It should be allowed to run the engine for a while, switch off the ignition and start again, the engine must reach normal operation.

Oil separator VAG 06H103495E (06H103495A, 06H103495B, 06H103495E, 06H103495J, 06H103495A, 06H103495B, 06H103495E, 06H103495J) was placed on the following vehicles:

Audi A3 Cabriolet 2008 — 2013
Audi A3 / S3 / Sportb. / Lim. / Qu 2008 — 2013
Audi A4 allroad quattro: 2010 — 2015
Audi A4 / Avant 2008 — 2012
Audi A4 / S4 / Avant / quattro 2008 — 2012
Audi A5 / S5 Cabriolet 2010 — 2011
Audi A5 / S5 Coupe / Sportback 2008 — 2011
Audi Q5 2009 — 2012
Audi TT Coupe / Roadster 2007 — 2015
Audi TT / TTS Coupe / Roadster 2007 — 2015

Seat Exeo / ST 2009 — 2014

Skoda Octavia 2004 — 2013
Skoda Superb 2008 — 2015
Skoda Yeti 2010 — 2015

VW Amarok 2010 — 2015
VW Beetle 2012 — 2015
VW CC 2012 — 2015
VW Eos 2009 — 2015
VW Golf Variant 2010 — 2014
VW Golf / R32 / GTI / Rabbit 2010 — 2013
VW Golf / Variant / 4Motion 2007 — 2014
VW Jetta 2005 — 2014
VW Jetta Variant 2008 — 2014
VW Passat 2009 — 2011
VW Passat CC 2009 — 2012
VW Passat / 4Motion / Santana 2009 — 2015

WARNING, before buying, make sure that your car is equipped with oil separator VAG 06H103495, these cars are equipped with different engines which may establish other oil separators.

Membrane 06h103495ad, 06h103495ac, 06h103495e and others – oil Separator 1.8 tsi
Why does unstable work of the engine (detonation), the interruption of ignition and wear of its parts? On this question there are many reasons, but the most common, can be called failures in the operation of separator 1.8 tsi engines. However, it should not be assumed that the reason the device as the most likely option to be wear, a breakthrough of the membrane separator Skoda 1.8 motor. This happens for many reasons and as a result, this at first glance, the membrane has a considerable impact on the technical condition of the car dynamics.

The result of the breakthrough of the membrane:
1 the Uncontrolled flow of air into the combustion chamber;
2 Increases the vibration of the motor (detonation) in the form of irregular working piston as a result of failure of the ignition system;
3 dust, small particles on the inner surface of the engine, causing wear and malfunctions of moving parts.
The most typical way to determine that the membrane inside the details of the “oil separator Skoda 1.8 tsi” out of order, is a characteristic whistle in the engine compartment where the oil separator Octavia 1.8 tsi.

Replacement oil separator Skoda manufacturer is the only solution to overcome the aforementioned problems, however, it is very not cheap, and far Eastern counterparts are not known for quality and durability, therefore, guarantees that the replacement will help, it may not be. On the oil separator 1.8 tsi price is $150-200 Why pay big money for the replacement of all equipment, if possible in the oil separator 1.8 tsi to buy separately the membrane, thereby saving money.
The membrane in the separator Octavia A5 1.8 tsi is not sold separately by the manufacturer, but it is not a sentence. Our company is glad to offer its clients the possibility of membrane separator Skoda 1.8 tsi to purchase at the most favorable price.
The process of replacing the membrane is very simple, so why pay a lot for all replacement oil separator 1.8 tsi if it is possible to replace only the affected part of the membrane. To obtain more detailed information about the installed membrane in the separator 1.8 tsi price, You need to contact our managers or to place an order on the website. Our product is a product of the highest quality, authentic factory production, not inferior either in quality or in performance. Please contact us and we will help You.
This membrane is also suitable for VW, Audi, Skoda with engines 1.8 tsi and 2.0 tfsi.

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