AMK Compressor Repair Kit

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The piston ring inside the compressor wears out, performance of the compressor degrades and if not replaced it can permanently damage the compressor.

Our reengineered kit is designed to replace the worn out ring, and restore your compressor to its original state. The part can be fitted by any competent mechanic, once the compressor is removed the kit can be fitted in less than 15 minutes.

Repair kit, compressor AMK
for BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Land Rover
A common problem in cars equipped with air suspension is the failure of the compressor AMK.
The unit consists of three parts – cylinder, desiccant, and engine.
As a rule, the cause of the failure of the AMK air suspension compressor is the ingress of water and subsequent corrosion.
Resulting noise during operation, further reduces its performance on the dashboard, you receive an error message or does the compressor stops working.
However it is not necessary to be afraid of the symptoms, usually the amk compressor is repaired.
For repair used repair kit amk compressor that we sell.
After disassembly of the compressor AMK cleaned all possible parts from rust, install a new Teflon ring and collect back.
The repair is over.
After the compressor starts, it may take considerable time until the compressor will start to raise the car (during this, the compressor may stop to lower temperature) is due to the fact that initially you need to pump up the entire system of air and create pressure then the car will operate normally.

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