Pull the vacuum actuator 06B133619A, 06B133619B, 06B133619C

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Pull the vacuum actuator change the length of the intake manifold 06B133619A, 06B133619B, 06B133619C aluminium

Aluminum pull vacuum actuator change the length of the intake manifold 2.0 fsi and 1.8 fsi
One of the frequent breakdowns of the German VW/Audi engine 2.0 fsi and 1.8 fsi auto mechanics called the failure of thrust intake manifold 2.0 fsi, which by means of a vacuum actuator with a control valve to change the intake manifold length 2.0 fsi.
This malfunction is usually detected by the following features:
– irregular operation of the engine at idle;
– excessive increase in fuel consumption.
The cause of the violation of the geometry of the valve intake manifold Passat is breaking the plastic pull knob.
And it happens here why: set inside the tumble flaps are actuated with a plastic rod factory made, which connects the axis of the damper with a vacuum regulator. Due to continuous and hard work of the plastic can not withstand the load and breaks. Also occur and constant disconnects because of a broken socket at the connection.
Buying a new manifold hits the pocket of the car owner. Separately pull valve manifold Passat and Audi is not sold, it is sold only in kit for example with the intake manifold Passat B6 2.0 fsi at a price of$ 300 without installation.
Our company is engaged in manufacturing of thrust intake manifold made of aluminum, which is much cheaper than buying the whole kit. Moreover, new part can be installed independently, doing the simple steps (instructions are on the website). Also suitable for vacuum valve Passat B5 and B6 and for other brands where you installed manifold: 06b133619a, 06b133619b, 06b133619c.

2.0 l 4-cylinder.: ALT, AZM, AXW, BLX, BLR, BLY, BVX, BVY, BVZ, BLX, BMB, etc
1.8 l 4-cylinder.: ADR, APT, ARG, AVV, AQE, ARH, etc
1.6 l 4-cylinder.: AHL, ARM, APV, ANA, ALZ, etc.

savings $300-450

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 cm

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