Membrane vacuum actuator 06B133619A, 06B133619B, 06B133619C

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Membrane vacuum actuator change the length of the intake manifold 06B133619A, 06B133619B, 06B133619C

Membrane intake manifold of the volkswagen and audi
Many owners of VW and Audi, are faced with a situation when fails membrane vacuum door actuator intake manifold. You can buy new item in the collection, but it is not very cheap. In addition, in the garage you’ll take the money for the replacement of the part. The fault of this failure is failure of the membrane manifold vw.
The material from which made the membrane manifold volkswagen is rubber, in the process of operation, and just from time to time, it dries and breaks. This leads to the fact that due to holes in the membrane, vw intake manifold, vacuum actuator ceases to operate, except through the torn diaphragm into the engine is sucked unaccounted air, which increases fuel consumption.
If you have little experience in fixing cars then you can save money and to replace the membrane of the intake manifold volkswagen.
First of all, you need to check the status of this node. For this purpose you will need a flat screwdriver. Take the trim panel under which is mounted a membrane manifold Passat. In the analysis of the valve do not lose the spring. A new membrane inlet manifold Passat should be carefully set in place of the old so that the detail stood up straight. It is worth noting that the manufacturers don’t sell the membrane separately from the lid. Our company began the production of the given node, and you can purchase it if necessary.
This membrane is suitable for Audi and vw 06B133619A, 06B133619B, 06B133619C.

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