Membrane for oil separator VAG 07C103464, VAG 079103464

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Membrane for oil separator VAG 07C103464, VAG 079103464

Audi, VW.

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manufacturer produces only cover assembly.
we make the membrane separately!
your savings is more than $ 200 (the cost of our membrane, compared to the price of a new cover and work to replace).

Over time, the diaphragm valve of ventilation of crankcase gases and drying tears.
Torn through the membrane into the engine misses unaccounted mass air flow sensor.
As a result, the engine can be difficult to start, unstable work (especially at idle) may be misfiring, as the engine can get dust, which contributes to the deterioration of parts and mechanisms.
If the whistle is heard in the area of ​​finding the separator, then the membrane is torn.

We produce and sell this membrane separately.

Instructions for Replacement:
Remove the oil separator (rigth and left).
Remove the cover membrane, set the new replacements poor membrane.
Reassemble in reverse order.

During the first run, after replacing the diaphragm, the engine can not operate stably
(this is due to the fact that when the membrane was torn fuel cards to reconfigure the computer, in accordance with the lambda probe, which recorded the high content of oxygen).
After replacing the membrane restores the valve, as well as eliminating the choke unaccounted air, computer needs some time to adjust fuel cards.
It is necessary to give the engine run for a while, turn off the ignition and start again, the engine must reach normal operation.

Membrane separator Audi q7 and Audi A6
Over time, the oil separator q7 or the A6, from the effects of blow-by gas can tear the membrane of the vent valve. Due to this malfunction, through the breach in the membrane reaches the engine the air that remains unaccounted for by the flow sensor. Therefore, the breather A6 (q7) begins to function irregularly, leading to poor performance of the engine unstable ignition.
Broken oil separator q7 (A6) lead to the fact that the engine will gradually get dust, resulting in greatly accelerated wear on all items.
If in the area breather A6 or q7 became audible whistle, then you should replace the worn membrane. If you look in the manufacturer’s catalog, the complete replacement of the oil separator will cost the car owner about $250. To breather the Audi A6 worked properly and not had to spend a lot of money
we offer another solution.
For these Audi models, we produce membrane separately, which is no different from the original.
Replaceable membrane on their own.
To breather the Audi A6 functioned as before, you must do the following:
Remove the oil separator;
Next, remove the cap membrane;
Put a new membrane in place of the old.
For Assembly reverse procedure.
Perhaps the first test run of the engine nothing to say, since the system ECU has made adjustments to the settings.
After installing a new membrane, proper valve operation is reset, and the motor will cease to flow the extra air.
The electronic system will require a certain period of time to change settings and adjust the fuel maps.
Keep the engine in working condition for 1-2 minutes. Followed it down and re-launch. The motor will be released in normal operation.
As is clear from the above, the work on the replacement of the membrane is no big deal.
When purchased separately, the membrane separator would cost mere pennies compared to buying new parts from the manufacturer.
It is enough to show a little patience and ingenuity, using our high-quality membrane.
Suitable not only for brands Audi q7 and Audi A6, but for other cars, equipped with oil separators VAG 07C103464G, 07C103464E, 07C103464F, 079103464F, 079103464D, 07C103464D, 079103464B.

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