Diaphragm valve for crankcase ventilation VAG 022103765A, 022103245B — 3.2 V6

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Diaphragm valve for crankcase ventilation VAG 022103765A, 022103245B 3.2 V6
Engine VAG 3.2 V6

VW Touareg 2003 — 2007
VW Phaeton 2002 — 2009

pcv ccv pvc
we make the membrane separately!

Over time, the diaphragm valve of ventilation of crankcase gases and drying tears.
Torn through the membrane into the engine misses unaccounted mass air flow sensor.
As a result, the engine can be difficult to start, unstable work (especially at idle) may be misfiring, as the engine can get dust, which contributes to the deterioration of parts and mechanisms.
If the whistle is heard in the area of ​​finding the separator, then the membrane is torn.

PCV Touareg membrane
At present quite a common problem in the repair of vehicles is to replace PCV Touareg.
Valve diaphragm tends to dry and break. A large role is played by long time use of this item.
PCV Tuareg in the collection can be purchased in many auto shops, the price of the valve will vary from six or seven thousand.
As a rule, touareg PCV can be purchased by knowing their technical rooms, i.e. 022103765A, 022103245B.
However, there is no need to change the valve as a whole, cheaper to buy and replace only the membrane.
It should be noted that the membrane kwkh Touareg is not sold separately.
However, it is possible to buy at our firm, we manufacture such membranes.
The quality of the membrane kwkh touareg guaranteed.
Every motorist needs to know what the whistle in the area of the oil separator Touareg absolute means the burst membrane.
The need to replace this valve element is connected with the fact that through the damaged membrane is supplied to the engine excess air. In this case, the heart of the car starts to run very unstable. Motorists complain that the car is bad to start, the ignition is acting up. Another danger factor will be getting into the engine of dust, which will lead to transient wear.
In order to replace the membrane valve of ventilation of crankcase gases 022103765A, 022103245B, you will need to remove the valve and warm up a little with a Hairdryer, loosen the latch. Only after this you need to put in a new diaphragm, be sure the spring setting.
After all these procedures and the installation of touareg breather in place, you should make the first start of the engine. It should be noted that there are no extraneous sounds in the area of the touareg oil separator and air suction shall not be allowed. You will need time for the engine to warm up and properly tuned fuel map. Whistling in the area of the breather Touareg shouldn’t be more.
A pleasant and long-term operation.

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