AUDI VW INTAKE MANIFOLD ACTUATOR LINK ARM LONG 2″ ( 077198327A Replacement) – made from Aluminum

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Typically, the O.E.M. part is not sold alone – car dealers only sell it in a kit (P/N 077198327a) which costs around $400 per side (most cars require replacement on both sides, totaling in $800!!!)

The installation is fast and easy, simply remove the damaged part (you may need a screwdriver or pliers) and snap the end links of the new part onto the actuators. That is all!

Please Note: There are two available sizes of linkage arms [short (1″) or long (2″)]. Please choose the size appropriate for your car model, year, and/or assembly plant.

Why do you need two piece 2 pieces??
If you never changed the linkage arms and one of them is broken, probably in another it will break very quickly, because both have been subjected to the same conditions.
We recommend replacing both parts at the same time and avoid future problems.

If your vehicle has a broken link arm in the variable intake manifold system – a common problem due to the poor quality of the material used in the O.E.M. part – this listing offers you the most economical and reliable solution and is backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

The Difference is in the Material Used:

These parts are made of DELRIN (an engineering polymer used in precision parts requiring high stiffness, low friction and excellent dimensional stability) used in industries for automobiles, planes, boats, aerospace, etc. It is a common replacement for metal in many applications such as gears, pulleys, impellers, etc.

Note about part compatibility:

Due in some cases the same model of Audi or VW could be use the link arm 1inch long or 2inch long depending of factors how assembly plant, you will be sure which size your car need. You must measure your OEM linkage arms and select the correct length for your car, or ask to you mechanics or car dealer.

The dimension is an estimate, from center of the ball to center of the ball on the arm.

Please determine if your car has the long (2”) or short (1”) manifold link arms before you buy.

Key Characteristics:
• High mechanical strength and rigidity
• Toughness and high resistance to repeated impacts
• Long-term fatigue endurance
• Excellent resistance to moisture, gasoline, solvents, and many other chemicals
• Good resilience and resistance to creep
• Natural lubricity
• Wide end-use temperature range (-100f to 300f)
• Good electrical insulating characteristics


Fits the following vehicles and replaces linkage arms in P/N 077-198-327A, 077198327A :
2004-2007 VW Phaeton V8
2003+ VW Touareg V8
2002-2004 Audi A6/Avant V8
1998-2004 Audi A6/S6 Quattro V8
2000+ Audi A8/S8 Quattro V8


077198327A pull knob length 2 inch – aluminium
The standard “trouble” of Audi and VW with eight-cylinder engine capacity of 3.7 and 4.2 l is that often out of order thrust regulator intake manifold 077198327A.
Fuel consumption increases at lower rpm’s deteriorating dynamics due to a failure of the structure geometry of the exhaust manifold.
Base damage thrust:
When the vacuum regulator, the tumble flaps Audi, located in the intake manifold, run in traffic. The tumble flaps Audi A6, A8 etc. are installed on all cars with direct fuel injection.
The tumble flaps audi is designed to swirl the air flowing into the combustion chamber. So the regulator is aligned with the pivot arm dampers through
the same plastic rod. Traction is made of plastic, which wears out, resulting in loss of strength and split into two halves. Also can break the surface and pull occasionally “slips”. Separately, the levers are not available. Controller 077198327a (approximate price is $ 300) actually buy only the complete set and breakage of rods, usually on both sides, respectively, and regulators need two, and it is twice as expensive.
We are implementing thrust separately from the controller, and produce them from aluminum for a more durable use. This will greatly help you to reduce your costs.
Replacement rods must be carried out independently is quite easy and not time consuming. With a screwdriver or pliers, remove unusable
detail, replace. The change occurred!
Keep in mind that the thrust regulator have different sizes. Before buying new, look on your engine – 2.5 cm or 5.0 cm If you have never made a replacement, buy two rods at the same time, as both the regulator served an equal and steam traction “die” in the very near future. For this reason, we recommend simultaneous replacement of both rods to avoid difficulties in the future.

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