Repair kit Wabco new generation


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Repair kit Wabco for air suspension compressor new generation.

Common problem in compressors WABCO new generation is “biting” piston ring compressor causing the compressor ceases to pump air.
Cars: BMW – F01, F02, F04, F07, F11, F15, F16
Mercedes – S212, W212 C218

We are the first in the world made the kits for this type of compressors.

The process of replacing:
– the drilled caps connecting rod cap.
– unscrew bolt connecting rod (reverse thread).
– remove the connecting rod.
– remove old ring by lifting it with a knife (do not hurry, little by little freed from different sides).
– press-fitted a new ring (in the grip (placed under the ring tight log, in the place where the rivet flap valve make a “sample”).

The kit includes:
– new piston ring.
– 4 rivets connecting rod cap.

New Wabco repair kit for w212 air suspension compressor a new generation
Repair Kit Wabco New

Suited for compressors installed on the car:
Mercedes S212, W212 C218
BMW 5er F11 Touring since 2010, F07 – c 2009 7er F01, F02, F04 – c 2007 X5 F15 – X6 F16 c 2013 – c 2014

The car owner, which is not familiar with the work of the suspension, in the event of a problem addresses to the car wash, where he after the diagnosis render “judgment” – is necessary to replace the compressor, and after becoming known the cost of a new compressor, any person will be shocked more $1000.

But do not worry, now the solution to repair Wabco compressors of new generation developed and made by our company. You need to understand whether there is a need for full replacement of the car or perhaps limited to using a repair kit.

The thing is that the compressor piston has a o-ring. It is very common to wear out or it bites and does not set the required pressure. This leads to overheating of the useless working of the compressor that instantly turns off a temperature sensor or compressor hammer in “idle”. In order to fix the problem, it is enough to apply the repair kit for w212 compressor (similar to the Mercedes S212, W212 C218).

If you use our repair kit to the air suspension, the compressor the problem will disappear. As the affected compressor f02 and other body BMW. In order to efficiently and reliably fix the problem you need to use a repair kit Wabco New.

The procedure for replacing the repair kit Wabco New:

It should be clarified that repair kit compressor f01 and f07 compressor (and compressor f16, f15, f02, f11 f04) air suspension consists of:
– new o-rings;
– rivets for the connecting rod caps – 4pcs.

To quickly and easily replace, you must:
– Unscrew the bolt which attaches the connecting rod (reverse thread);
– carefully remove the connecting rod;
– remove the damaged piston ring, hooking his flat item with a knife, removing the ring should be gradually on all sides.
– set ring from the kit by pressing.

This replacement is over.
Air suspension compressor f07 and f02 air suspension compressor, or other after repair will restore its work and the compressor will last a long time.

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