Diaphragm valve for crankcase ventilation Porsche Cayenne 4.8L M48.01, M48.51

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Diaphragm valve for crankcase ventilation Porsche Cayenne 4.8L M48.01, M48.51

948.107.23652, 948.107.23653, 948.107.23601, 948.107.23602, 948.107.23603

94810723652, 94810723653, 94810723601, 94810723602, 94810723603

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we make the membrane separately!

Membrane engine valve cover 4.8 M48.01, M48.51

Over time, the diaphragm valve crankcase ventilation dries and breaks.
Torn through the membrane into the engine gets unaccounted mass air flow sensor.
As a result, the engine can be difficult to start, unstable work (especially at idle) can be misfiring, the same engine can get dust, which enhances the wear and tear of parts and mechanisms.
If the whistle is heard in the area of finding oil separator, then the membrane is torn.

The manufacturer sells only the valve cover assembly.

We produce and sell this membrane separately.

Replacement instructions:
Remove the valve cover.
Remove the valve crankcase ventilation (mounted inside the valve cover).
Remove the cover membrane, set in exchange membrane porvanoy new.
Assemble in reverse order.

During the first run, after replacing the membrane, the engine may not work steadily
(This is due to the fact that when the membrane was torn fuel cards to reconfigure the computer, in accordance with the lambda probes that detect increases in oxygen content).
After replacing the membrane restores valve and leak persists unaccounted air control unit needs some time to adjust fuel cards.
Must be allowed to run the engine for a while, switch off the ignition and start again, the engine must reach normal operation.

Membrane separator Porsche Cayenne 4.8 L M48.01, M48.51 94810723652, 94810723653, 94810723601, 94810723602, 94810723603
Over time, the membrane separator Porsche dries and breaks.
Through the damaged membrane of Cayenne oil separator to the engine air enters, unaccounted MAF.
In the end, the engine, unstable idling, bad starting, possible misfiring.
At the same time the engine enters the dust from the road which enhances the wear of parts and mechanisms. In the case if you hear a whistle, in the area of finding oil separator Porsche, so the membrane is torn.
The manufacturer only sells the oil separator appears in the collection, which cost about $200.
We produce and sell membrane separator Porsche separately!

Remove the oil separator Cayenne.
Install new to replace a torn membrane.
Assembly in reverse order.

When you first start, after the replacement, the motor may not be sustainable (it is connected with necessity of adaptation of fuel cards). After repair of the oil separator restores the efficiency of the valve, and also eliminates the leak of unaccounted air. ECU need some time to adjust the fuel map. You need to let the engine run for a while and then restart it.

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