Membrane valve cover for Volvo engine B6324S Si6 3.2L

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Membrane valve cover for Volvo engine B6324S Si6 3.2L

Membrane valve cover for Volvo S80, V70, XC60, XC70, XC90 engine B6324S Si6 3.2L
OEM 30788481, 30757662, 31319642

new diaphragm valve for crankcase ventilation.
producer sells only cover entirely.
we produce membrane separately!

savings of more than $200

Membrane separator Volvo 30788481, 30757662, 31319642 valve cover
Volvo, but their common problem was the valve of the ventilation system, especially in modifications equipped with Si6 engine B6324S 3.2 L.

Simple and practical
Membrane separator Volvo gradually dries up and breaks. Replacement requires purchase of Volvo oil catch full Assembly. Because separately the membrane just doesn’t sell. But upon closer inspection we found it possible to replace it without replacing the part entirely.
Economically, not so bad and that means that we now have, you will be able to buy the membrane of Volvo oil catch separately. Therefore, c to save money and time. So the whole oil catch can cost $200, and for repair enough pennies to buy the membrane.

What and why
Replace the broken membrane must be made as soon as possible, because the malfunctioning valve as the main component and work item entering the engine air, which is ignored by the mass flow sensor. This causes instability as the ignition system and the engine and dust, clogging and disabling the parts. In addition to the above, a problem with the oil separator Volvo lead to increased oil consumption and fuel. The main feature of the emergency repair of oil separator is the appearance in the place of its location-specific sound. The membrane of volvo oil catch can be easily changed on its own.

Immediately after replacing the damaged membranes of the engine can not operate stably, because it abruptly stops the intake of additional air and to work in the new regime needs time to rebuild the fuel maps of the ECU. Therefore, immediately after repair, the engine needs work “in the blank.” Then turn off the ignition and start the motor again. So he goes to work in a regular mode.

Additional information

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