Lever flaps MAZDA manifold 3, 6, MPV

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Lever flaps MAZDA 3, 6, MPV – Manifold MAZDA

Bad speaker at low speeds (speeds of up to 40km / h).
Increased fuel consumption.
A knock on the intake manifold.

Damage to the actuator arm of the swirl flaps.
Manifold installed swirl flaps that are driven by a vacuum actuator connected to the axis of the flap lever (who breaks down because made of plastic).
Unfortunately lever is not sold separately, you can buy only the intake manifold assembly (Room collector MAZDA L323-13-100C).

We produce and sell separately the new lever, new lever is made of steel.

Lever flaps MAZDA 6, Lever flaps MAZDA 3, Lever flaps MAZDA MPV
Lever flaps MAZDA 6, Lever flaps MAZDA 3, Lever flaps MAZDA MPV
Lever flaps MAZDA 6, Lever flaps MAZDA 3, Lever flaps MAZDA MPV

The lever of door actuator intake manifold Mazda – MPV, 6, 3, LF, L8, LF17, L5, L3
Many car owners the Mazda with mileage of 50 000 km., familiar rattling sound from the inlet manifold – it’s the sound of dampers Mazda.
It is clear that this is no accident. You can also see that the increased fuel consumption, gearbox stiffer switches and worsened the dynamics at high speeds, up to 40 km/h.
And the reason lies in the breakage of plastic door actuator manifold Mazda 3 or Mazda 6.
The tumble flaps are in the intake manifold. Vacuum actuator Mazda 3 intake manifold flap makes moving. The actuator is attached to the axis of the damper lever. Lever valve manifold Mazda 6 and 3 quickly wear out and sooner or later breaks down because it is produced from plastic.
Possible to buy just the intake manifold Assembly, a separate lever is not supplied by the manufacturer.
Buying this part is quite expensive, and is there any sense when the other components are intact and functioning properly.
Some motorists already have the sad experience of the attempts to repair valves Mazda 3 by gluing the broken off parts of the lever. This is hardly enough for one trip and the symptoms repeated. You can try to find “used” collector, but for a long time from the problem does not get rid of it too soon will break, and knock intake manifold flaps Mazda 3 will resume.
So we decided to make a lever out of more durable material – aluminum.
Sell aluminum lever separately.
He repeats the original, allowing the flaps of the intake manifold Mazda 6 fully open and close.
It is a reliable and low cost solution.
After replacing the lever valves intake manifold Mazda 3 1.6 engine begins to run evenly. Disappear knock damper Mazda 6 and 3. Aluminium is a durable material, respectively, and the lever will last a very long time, and in General he is unlikely to ever break. Upgraded thus damper Mazda manifold result in normal operation.

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