Brass Gear for Ford Mondeo 1201317 Electric Seat Height Adjuster Unit

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Brass Gear for Ford Mondeo Electric Seat Height Adjuster Unit

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On the problem – 1201317 FORD:

As you know, in the drive seat height adjustment from the factory installed plastic gear, which eventually break teeth.
When you press the electric motor of the sound can be heard, but the seat is raised and lowered.
The cost of a new electric drive is very high and is about $ 300.
However it is possible to repair their own hands a lot cheaper!

Construction of the brass cogwheel as replacement for the faulty plastic gear.
The brass gear works in both motor types (short and long spindle)!

Instructions for Replacement:

Remove the driver’s seat.
To do this, unscrew the 2 screws at the front and four in rear, unscrew the belt from the seat.
Turning off the battery and disconnect block with wires.

Now you can get the rest of the interior of the car.
Remove and disassemble the drive

Removed electric drive

Gear teeth are broken

Remove a broken plastic gear.

Grind the remaining metal prongs to firmly install the new gear.
Drilled through it all and trying to drive a thin drill lock (so the gear does not scroll).

Inside the drive add grease and assemble back.

The end!

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