Membrane N20, 11127588412
Repair kit for valve cover N20 BMW 11127588412 – 1 set. – $29.90

Repair kit for valve cover N20 BMW 11127588412
new diaphragm and cup for crankcase ventilation.
producer sells only cover entirely.
we produce membrane and cup separately!

replacement is very easy, you need to remove the valve cover by prying it with a screwdriver.
remove the old and install the new membrane.
close the cover.

savings of more than $350

Kit valve crankcase ventilation for BMW N20 engine (valve is integrated into the engine cover).
The original number of the valve cover BMW N20 11127588412.

Over time, the diaphragm valve of ventilation of crankcase gases, built-in valve cover BMW’s N20 engine – breaking, and starts suction unaccounted air flow meter.
Motor starts unstable idling, increasing oil consumption, as there is a whistle from under the valve cap when the engine and possible failures during acceleration.

Dealer BMW sells only the valve cover assembly, we produce and sell kit for BMW valve cover N20, it includes a new membrane and the membrane lid itself.